About Us

Tiny Scholars Academy has been providing a loving, supportive, safe and educational home-based environment for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years of age since 2010. In the Spring of 2014, we will be expanding our doors into a childcare center which will provide a home away from home to children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age. TSA’s goal is to offer every child a jumpstart to success by concentrating on early literacy, science, math,  developmental appropriate practice hands on educational activities, and building close and secure relationships. We have created a program that will have a positive impact on both children and their families. Our staff will be there for both guidance and support to assist in the development of their young minds. With the support of great role models, every child will be able to form his/her own identity. It is our goal to shape each child into life-long SCHOLARS.



Tiny Scholars Academy is committed to teaching every child in their own unique way. We are committed to meeting children at their level and challenging them daily through a Developmentally Appropriate Practice curriculum .

Here at TSA, we recognize that all children learn in different ways. We make sure that every child’s learning need is met by teaching every type of learner, whether they are kinesthetic, visual, and/or auditory learner. Our teaching methods include learning through a variety of activities such as play, music, fine arts, Spanish, Mandarin, and hands-on activities. We believe that children will and can learn through every experience they are provided and every environment that they are exposed to, including their classroom.

TSA believes creative expression is an optimal part of life so each of our classrooms are designed into a children’s art studio  where they have the ability to be hands-on with everyday life, become innovative thinkers, problem solvers, build the confidence to express themselves, and the confidence to be abundant life-long learners. TSA  believes in providing children with quality teachers who also serve as encouraging role models. Here at TSA we are your child’s jump start to not only success in academics, as well as in life.



At Tiny Scholars Academy we are always looking for new and excellent professionals to join our team.

Email your resume to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!